My first memory is of an airline trip to NYC at age 3.  I played with airplane models and an airline stewardess doll.  I wore wings cut from stocking cardboard while I piloted the glider on the swing-set.   A high point of my childhood was a solo airline trip from PHL to CLT at 13.

Finances and fears that I lacked the right stuff kept me ground-bound until a small personal crisis at 28 provided the push I needed to reach for the dream.  Being a pilot become the core of how I define myself, but I’m not a natural.  Every certificate and rating has been bought with what Churchill famously called blood, toil, tears, and sweat.  It is, however, that effort that makes me love flying all the more.

I’ve been thinking about aviation all my life, and writing about it since 2004.  This site puts my aviation writing in one place, in hope that it might be of interest or help to fellow flyers.


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